In a time when I was creating for months on a solo exhibition, I fell in love with a man that was my dream muse as well as my equal. One night before his departure to Thailand, I orchestrated a dinner on a secret beach where only he and I would sit while being served a fine dinner. The entrance into to the beach was through an archway tunnel of vines lit in amber that opened to a canopy of majestic trees, lit by fixtures I made, also glowing in golden amber.

The small waves were the music of the evening that led us to a table set with white linen, porcelain plates, and crystal flutes. In the center were candles and a bouquet of star lilies. We sat to be served an elegant four-course meal by an exquisite Chef. We talked about our dreams and inspired each other to achieve them. I could have proposed to him then and there. Never before had I applied my talents to one person’s experience. Still when I think about that evening I am taken back to the passion that love can bring. If you are in love, give it all you have no matter what the consequence. Love like you’ve never felt heartache–giving it your all will bring you your one true love… yourself.