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Kue King Collection

Sculptor, Fine Artist

About Kue King

Kue King transforms bronze, brass, and stainless steel wire into fine art sculpture. At the intersection of craft, design, contemporary art, and modernism, the artist finds the inner peace he’s searched the world for within his own hands. His work is honored with museum placements and awards, with commissions in hospitals, banks, public libraries, schools, and other large scale public places. Although fully self-taught in his chosen medium of wire, King has apprenticed under blacksmiths, interior designers, and architects, granting him a strong sense of how art occupies space.

Kue King works meditatively through painstaking techniques.  He starts with cold industrial metals and bends them to speak the complexities of dendritic life, finding the symmetrical understandings of nature nested in the center. Each piece has a unique signature much like snowflakes, making King’s work truly distinctive.

The bundling and separating techniques used to create abstractions in wire are simple yet layered with complexities. King takes his lifelong efforts to understand the golden ratio and the growth patterns of nature and applies them to his work. The intersecting symmetric center creates the structural strength of the piece that branches into layers of chaos.

Show Schedule 2019

Florida Tentative 2019

Sarasota, Florida
Jan 12-13
Sarasota Winter Fine Art Festival

Boca Raton, Florida
Jan 26-27
Boca Raton Downtown Fine Art Festival

Boca Raton, Florida
Feb 2-3
Boca Raton Museum of Art Juried Festival

Bonita Springs, Florida
Feb 9-10, 2019
Bonita Springs Nationals February

Coconut Grove, Florida
Feb 16-18, 2019
Coconut Grove Art Festival

St. Pete, Florida
Feb 23-24
St. Petersburg Fine Art Festival

Bonita Springs, Florida
March 2-3
Bonita Springs Nationals March

Sarasota, Florida
March 9-10, 2019
Sarasota Spring Fine Art Festival

Winter Park, Florida
March 15-17, 2019
Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

Texas Tentative 2019

Fort Worth, TX

San Antonio, TX

Dallas, TX

D.C. Tentative 2019

Reston, VA
Mid-May 2019

Midwest 2019 Tentative

Bellview, IL.

St. Louis, MO

Kansas City, MO

Chicago Tentative 2019

No Shows Planned
Digital placement and shipping available.

New York Tentative 2019

Westhampton Beach
Early September 2019


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