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Artist Relief


“I was once an artist that lived in my van on a dollar and 50 cents a day. I know how it is to have a dream to focus solely on developing skills and techniques. Devoting your life to a craft and a passion that will be yours alone. It’s hard. But it’s also beautiful.”

– Kue King

One month a year we invest 20% of our website sales into local artist relief grants and our international artist in residence program. Artist relief is for our local North Carolina Caldwell and Watauga County residents. During the May 2020 covid season we were able to extend over a dozen grants to local artists and art students in need. 

Artist in residence programs are by invite only and on hold due to the current covid season. 

Our grant has been designed to be the easiest to apply for grant of all time. No essays, no nonsense, simple rules, rapid and straightforward local Artist relief. You can help this type of grant grow if you follow the guidelines below.

The application is simple, and SHORT. Please keep it short. Tell Kue and I about your situation and how $500 will help. Maybe a mortgage, food, maybe an investment in materials or some new marketing direction. Artist relief takes many forms and not everyone has the same needs. We are receptive to all full-time Artists and we’re excited to do what we can.


1.     You are a current resident of Caldwell or Watauga county, North Carolina.
2.     You are a visual artist.
3.     Creating art was your primary source of income in 2019
4.     One of the following: Personal website art portfolio, recent news article about your art, website mention such as a show listing
5.     You must submit your application only to grants@kueking.com


1.    Name
2.    3 photos of recent work. Show us the best you’ve got. Title, Materials, Size, Year.
3.    What’s up?
4.    Your phone number
5.    Your art portfolio website and/or a news article about your art.
6.    Your home address and what county you live in.
7.    Did you perform non-visual arts work for money in 2019? If so, explain.

Please, please, please do not call or facebook Kue or I directly about grant applications. You will be disqualified.

All applications are to only be made only through grants@kueking.com. Kue and I will be checking this email account and distributing $500 checks every Friday for disbursement Monday. With luck it will be in your hands the following Friday. We will be reviewing applications once a week throughout May. We will be granting this money as it comes in, so apply again the following week if you don’t get a grant. Keep it interesting. Names of recipients will be kept confidential unless explicitly instructed otherwise.

Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your application.  

Kue + Corbett