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Kue King’s geometric abstractions are stranded metal. Each individual wire is hand-shaped and woven to the patterns of nature. To the artist, depicting nature is expressing the essence of how nature grows. Using an aesthetic vocabulary that is reminiscent of trees, electricity, and light, Kue King creates sculptures of peace and beauty.

Abstractions in Wire


Kue King’s geometric abstractions are stranded metal. Using an aesthetic reminiscent of trees, electricity, and light, Kue creates sculptures of peace and beauty.

With a pair of pliers and precise measurements, Kue cuts each strand and forms bundles. These are woven together to create the central structure. The radiating branches flow outward, intersecting and spreading until the sculpture is complete.

Sculptures vary from 3 feet to over 10 feet.


Sparkle and Strength

Kue King uses bronze, brass and stainless steel in his Abstract Collection. Each strand is custom manufactured by a wire mill in Delaware.

His brass and bronze are 100% pure. His stainless steel is marine grade and diamond polished to a mirror finish. These sculptures will last centuries even in outdoor environments.


Light and Shadow

When spot-lit, drama and strength dominate through reflection and shadow. By lowering the lighting, the same piece becomes soft and alluring. Throughout the day, dancing with changing light, each sculpture transforms with a range of emotion.


A Lifetime of Beauty

Whether hanging in a garden or gracing an exterior facade, these pieces feel at home in nature. The bronze and brass pieces grow a rich patina over the years, adding beauty and history to the piece.


Price list and free consultation

These Abstract sculptures range $2000 to $24000. If you have an interest in Kue’s sculpture, review his available work and consult with us to find the right piece for your budget and location.

Kue maintains an inventory of approximately 40 sculptures in various sizes, prices, and materials. Commissions are rare but we are open to your possibilities.

For assistance selecting sculptures:

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