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Other Collections


Kue’s past collections include wire and feather trees, jewelry, and various studies of nature. He explores the methods of natural growth into sculptures of metal, crystal and feather.

Tree Collection


Delicately balancing the strength and beauty of metal with the organic fragility of feathers, Kue creates the most intricate tree sculptures on earth. Kue’s extraordinary talent and patience is evident in each twist and weave of wire. The stranded base and branches combine with leaves of feathers and stainless steel fiber.

. Kue honed his intricate metal weaving skills over years of travel. He travels simply with him only pliers and a spool of wire. Everywhere he goes, inspired by the sights and motion, he develops an inspiration that only travel may bring.

Kue Explains

And a tree inspires

“Within the twisted threads of metal lies a personal narrative woven intricately by my the hands. This series of sculptures was inspired by meditation among the branches of a majestic tree found gripping the side of a cliff and curving upward above a ravine. Aluminum and steel are incorporated to reflect the rooted strength and perseverance of both the tree and celebrate its philosophical representation. Yet this material stranded as wire yields a flexibility to spiral forth in gnarled complexities while providing support for lighted blooms of exquisite feathers.”

Wearable Collection


Kue’s wiresmith methods produce wearable art that wraps you in a magnetic appreciation for old world craftsmanship. Each sculpture is infused with the spirit and connection of the earth elements. Collectors covet these rare sculptures as powerful expressions of their individuality.



Kue’s island sanctuary of Hawaii nurtured his artistic maturity and prepared him for the art world. Kue’s love of the Hawaiian islands acts as spiritual anchor. He regularly returns to nourish the wonders and woes of travel and urban life. This collection developed Kue’s technique of bundling and weaving soft metals. He creates imaginative interpretations of natural structures, ocean creatures, dancers and biomorphic forms. These exploratory forms mark the Hawaiian period of Kue’s development.

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